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SW Merino Wool Multicolor Donegal Undyed Yarn- Worsted Weight

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Fiber Content:
89% US SW Merino/6% Acrylic/5% Rayon
100g / 230 yards
Machine wash gentle cycle; lay flat to dry

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89% US SW Merino/6% Acrylic/5% Rayon

3 ply, 230 yards/100 grams

A new, vibrant tweed yarn; this is a blend of SW U.S. Merino wool at 21.5 micron with bright, multi-colored neps to create a tweed effect.

Built on the idea of a neutral background with bits of color woven into the plies, the end effect of this Merino wool Donegal Sock is a yarn with both tactile and visual texture. A new and fun base for your dyeing pleasure!

11% NEP, a dye-resistant fiber, lends the fun color