Round Floral Heart Chakra Shawl Pin

JUL Designs

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A lovely Heart Charka shawl pin, This first design in the series was intended to represent the Heart Chakra, which is associated with unconditional love, compassion and joy.

Chakras, familiar to American audiences as an Indian concept that describes energy centers in the body that can be activated through meditation and yoga to stimulate healing and maintain a sense of physical and spiritual or psychological well-being.

Lovely white brass round floral shawl pin. Jul Designs, fair trade, handcrafted sweater or shawl closure, hat pin, hair pin, or sweater decoration.

The stick can be worn on its own on delicate knits.

Cast in white bronze or brass these stunning metal shawl sticks and shawl pins are hand polished to perfection. These artistic accessories are ideal for wear with your hand knit and crochet garments!

White brass

2.25" around, 1.625" inside measurement
stick 4.25" long

Pin includes ring and stick.

Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia