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Lantern Moon Ebony Wood Cable Needles, Set of 3

Lantern Moon

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This set of wooden cable needles comes in 3 sizes US3,US6 & US8. The grooved design keeps your off-needle stitches held securely while you create all manner of beautiful cables. The well-shaped ends work well to help return the held stitches back to the main needle.

These cable needles are made using Ebony, one of the world's most premium wood. It has a very smooth, tight grain and is therefore extremely strong and resilient, which makes it a preferred choice for cable knitters. This specially designed cable needle keeps your "held" yarn in place while you knit your favorite cable design. It's easy to see, hard to lose, and a handy tool!

-3 cable needles in US sizes 3 (3.25 mm), 6 (4 mm), and 8 (5 mm)