Alpaca My Bag Zippered Waterproof Craft Project Bag


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Limited Edition "Alpaca my Bag" Swet wet/dry bags with waterproof lining and a waterproof zipper make it the perfect on-the-go companion for travel, leisure and fun!

Built with a durable, waterproof lining, doubled seams and waterproof zipper, your Wet/Dry Bag has got your back no matter what you stuff inside. Be it laundry on a vacation or going from hot yoga to the restaurant, odors and wetness are contained or prevented rather than accompanying you on your date.

Thanks to their generous size, the Swet Wet/Dry Bags are ideal leisure and travel companions.

2 sizes: small (10.5" x 14"), Large (16" x 21")

Machine washable
Hassle-free care instructions and the quick-dry fabric helps you spend less time in the laundry room. Wash in cold water, flip it inside out and hang it up to line dry overnight.

The large size (16" x 21") packs a punch, fitting all your yarn/ project needs up to a small load of laundry or a full gym outfit (including shoes and gear!).

Hang-anywhere strap
The Large bag’s sturdy strap and heavy-duty snap let you hang this bag anywhere for convenient access, while the Medium bag’s elastic strap cinches tightly around the contents to keep everything contained.

Packing your Swet Wet/Dry Bag for travel or only need it for after your swim sesh'? Roll up the bag and secure it with the strap - it's ready when you need it.